Dienstag, 3. Mai 2011

Frühlingswimpel [Spring bunting]

Ich hatte da noch ein paar Schnippsel vom Apfelblütenquilt übrig ;-)
I still had some scraps left of the apple blossom quilt ;-)


  1. Just found your blog from Crazy Mom Quilts. I love your apple blossom quilt and the back is stunning! I am working on a fall tumbler quilt and this will be the first time I piece the back. I definitely have enough scraps left over from the cutting to make a strip like yours down the back.

    Your flea market finds are beautiful as well!

  2. Hi! I admire your advance planning. Your fall tumbler quilt looks stunning and it will be definitely ready for fall decoration!
    I´m probably too chaotic for that. So I have a chubby stars quilt top in purple and light brown, ready for basting, that I started last fall and won´t touch now because it says "Fall!" and I want to work with springlike fabrics at the moment. Quite crazy. ;-) Maybe I´ll finish it next fall before I am into reds for Christmas. Your method seems more promising.


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