Sonntag, 16. Oktober 2011

Sonntagsfreuden [Sunday´s joy]

Vormittags über zwei Stunden mit M und J durch den Wald huschen und beraureifte Blätter bewundern. Nachmittags mit dem Mann des Hauses am Wasser spazierengehen
Sunday´s joy...scampering through the woods for two hours with M and J in the morning, admiring hoar frosted leaves. Walking by the water with the man of the house in the afternoon.

Es ist Mitte Oktober und gibt sogar noch Seerosen!

It´s the middle of october and there are still waterlilies!

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  1. Very beautiful! I love the photo of your shadows. How perfect for your blog.

    The Amish do speak German. I almost made a joke on my blog about "the English" which is what apparently the Amish call Americans. I'm not sure if they still do, but they used to. I have a lot of contact with them through buying produce, butter, eggs, and guinea pig food (I buy it and hay at the mill). But, I still don't know much about them, really. There were several instances that morning where I saw children riding in the back of buggies (some reading picture books together, others literally throwing corn in the air just celebrating to themselves). But I know they don't like their picture taken, so I refrained. Would have been lovely though! And wouldn't you know it, but I tried snapping a couple photos of the local post office, and an Amish man walked out right as I was doing it!

  2. Must be very fascinating, one day I´d really like to go there! I have seen some documentaries on TV and have read about the Amish and their quilting history. Some of their rules don´t seem very logical to me but still fascinating. From what I´ve seen in the documentaries I´m also not so sure about women´s rights and equal opportunities in this society but I don´t want to generalize. As I understood, there are many factions and I surely don´t know enough yet to get the whole picture so I´ll try to read and learn more about their society first.


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