Sonntag, 1. Januar 2012

2012 bis jetzt [2012 so far]

Durch Erkältungsviren dezimierte Freundesrunde, trotzdem noch 11 Leute in Feierlaune. Brötchen. Harry Potter, Südtirol und die zweisprachigen Ortstafeln. Pummerin. Donauwalzer mit dem Mann des Hauses um Mitternacht am Gehsteig. Der 17. Sylvesterraketen im Nebel. Chili con carne um eins. Plötzlich war es halb fünf. Zu wenig Schlaf. Frühstück mit dem Mann des Hauses und Übernachtungsgast. Die übers Wochenende mitgenommene Arbeit wollte auch noch erledigt werden. Energieschub für das Aufräumen am Tag nach der Feier-laut aufgedreht, mit den besten Empfehlungen:

Group of friends, reduced by the cold virus, still 11 people in party mood. Viennese Waltz "At the beautiful Blue Danube" with the man of the house at the sidewalk at midnight. The 17th. Fireworks and fog. Chili con carne for everyone at one a.m. Suddenly it was half past four. Little sleep. Breakfast with the man of the house and the over night guest. The work I took home for over the weekend needed to be done today too. Energyboost for the cleaning on the day after the party-loud volume highly recommended:

The Wombats - Techno Fan

(Oh how I love this cool accent!)


  1. Oh, that sounds like a perfect evening and start to the new year! To be young again...

    I liked the song and the band (and the red glasses!). How I love an English or Scottish accent! When I was in high school I practically swooned over Robert Smith. My daughters prefer old eighties music...their favorite right now is "Walk Like an Egyptian."

  2. Jamie, I think we are more or less the same age. It´s just that this loony bunch of medicals on internship/ lawyers/ JDs/artists seems to refuse to settle down. All this could hopefully change within the next couple of years -->aka New Year´s resolutions. Getting up after partying till five was definitely easier during student days. ;-)

    I like The Cure, too! Your daughters might also enjoy "Friday I´m in Love". Talking about british accents and high school years I also liked Blur. And Pulp /Jarvis Cocker.

  3. Oh, na das klingt nach einem guten Jahreswechsel :)
    Möge das neue Jahr schön schwungvoll weitergehen... alles Liebe. maria

  4. Danke Maria! Ich hoffe ihr seid auch gut "rübergerutscht"!

  5. We usually listen to the iPod at dinnertime. Tonight we had Pink Floyd...

    I hope you win the bundle. I didn't want to put it in your actual contest post in case someone saw it, but I think those type contests are fixed. Maybe I'm just cynical, but it seems like I see a lot of the same big-time bloggers win those type of sponsored prizes...

  6. Hm, maybe you are right. It´s all about taste anyways. If I look at the judges bundles I cannot imagine they would like the same colors than I do. I just had a look at your bundle over there at your blog that I had missed somehow and I keep my fingers cross for you, too. Maybe they´ll surprise us? ;-) I´m a bit cynical myself, I balanced the reasons to participate, because -let´s face it- it´s a big public-opinion poll and commercial for free. But it was fun. ;-)


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