Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

7 Sachen [ 7 things]

7 handgemachte Dinge am heutigen Sonntag:
7 things handmade on Sunday:

1. Kleiderkasten ausgemistet und neu sortiert 1. sorted out the wardrobe

2. altes Hemd zerschnitten - Quiltstoff! 2. cut an old men´s shirt - more quiltfabric! :-)

3. Wäsche aufgehängt - derzeit friert sie draußen wenigstens schön durch 3. hung up the laundry -for freeze drying

4. verblühte Primeln abgezwickt; (als ich sie vor 10 Tagen bekam, waren sie weinrot, passend zur Winterdeko, dann orange -urks- und nun gelb, auch gut) 4. removed faded blossoms (when I got this primrose 10 days ago they were dark red and fitted our winter decoration, then they turned orange -yuck- and now they are yellow)

5. Stoffe sortiert 5.assorted fabrics

6. warm eingepackt fürs Spazierengehen mit dem Mann des Hauses (-12°C Brrr!)

6. bundled up for a walk with the man of the house (-12°C Brrr!)

7. genäht 7. sewn


  1. Hi. I love your paper piecing. It's just perfect. I'm going to try that one day. And the primrose blooms are so sweet. I don't remember ever having seen one, but I'm sure it brightens up those cold days - -12 degrees and you went for a walk?!!

  2. Becky, -12.0 °C is about +10.0 °F. So it´s freezing and it felt even colder with the wind but it´s not soooo bad. This week it will be -21.0 °C which is about -6.0 °F. Now I´m looking forward to our summers with temperatures up to +36.0 °C (about +96.8 °F) but ask me then! :-)
    Concerning the paperpiecing there will be a tutorial for the templates here soon!

  3. Oh, 10 degrees F is PLENTY cold to me. We're having temperatures in the 70s (F) this month, and the flowering trees are already blooming. It's sad because I know we'll have more cold weather, and the flowers will die. I can't say I don't enjoy it though!

    I'll watch for your tutorial and maybe make some of sweet spring star blossoms.


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