Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012


Es ist ja nicht so, dass da nicht ohnehin noch ca. 433 Quiltmuster wären, die ich irgendwann unbedingt machen will.;-) Trotzdem sammle/fotografiere ich unterwegs ständig Formen und Farben, die ich irgendwann auch zu Quilts verarbeiten möchte. Auch deshalb ist das Buch 'Simple shapes. Spectacular Quilts' von Kaffe Fasset, das Ähnliches zeigt, eines meiner liebsten Quiltbücher, das ich vorbehaltlos weiterempfehle. Dabei mag ich z.B. seine Stoffmuster gar nicht. Wie sammelt ihr Inspirationen für kommende Projekte?
It´s not that there wouldn´t be at least 433 quiltpatterns that I´d like to make one day. Still I see and collect forms and colors whereever I go and take pictures if possible (see below). Therefore the book 'Simple shapes. Spectacular Quilts' by Kaffe Fasset, which shows how to transfer those inspirations into quilts, is one of my favourite quilt books ever and I highly recommend it. The pictures in this book are pure eye candy (Even though I must admit his fabrics designs are not my type of cake. At all. ) How do you collect inspirations for your future quilts? Do you also see possible quilt patterns everywhere?

some of my Inspiration pictures

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  1. I've never seen his book before but he has a regular column in a magazine I sometimes read and I've seen that he likes to find inspiration in everyday patterns. I like to pin stuff to go back to later.


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