Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

7 Sachen am Sonntag [7 things on sunday]

Wie an vielen Sonntagen: 7 Dinge, die ich mit meinen Handen gemacht habe. Like on many sundays: 7 things that I have made with my hands.

1 + 2 gestrige Flohmarktfunde gereinigt (50er Jahre Schale von Figgjo aus Norwegen und Eulenuntersetzer)

1+2 cleaned yesterday´s fleamarket finds (midcentury bowl by Figgjo from Norway and brass owl coaster)

3. den weiteren Flohmarktfund untersucht. Ich habe keine Ahnung, was das ist. Weiß das wer? Ledertäschchen, Größe: ca 4,5x 2cm, Inhalt: Metallstäbchen. Ich möchte es für Nähnadeln verwenden.

3. tried to find out what this fleamarket find is. Ideas anyone? It´s made of leather, about 2x 1inches, inside there are metallsticks. I´ll use it for sewing needles.

4. den Frühling einziehen lassen, meine Sonntagsfreude.

4. let in the spring, my Sunday´s joy.

5. den ekligen alten Rückseitenstoff meines Sessels als Muster für die neue Sesselrückseite verwendet
5. used the yucky old backing fabric as template for the new backing

6. zum allerersten Mal eine gebogene Polsterernadel verwendet

6. used an upholstering needle for the very first time

7. ein Buffet vorbereitet und auf einem privaten Flohmarkt das Angebot sortiert

7. prepared the buffet and sorted the offers on a private fleamarket


  1. Those are two amazing fleamarket finds. I found a glass owl dish at our local Salvation Army and use it next to the sink for my rings (mostly for my cousin's rings--whenever she visits and cooks with me, she takes her rings off and forgets where she put them).

    I am looking forward to seeing your chair!

  2. I´d like to see your owl dish too! The brass owl coaster is for my sister who likes owls. I just have to clean the brass better. The chair was finished today so I´ll show pictures tomorrow. :-)

  3. I will take a photo of my glass owl and post it on my blog. I have quite a few finds I want to share. I'm going tomorrow and will look for a chair. Lately I've met a few sewing friends who live local, and I've been painting and restyling my sewing room so it is civil and presentable, so it would be nice to have a relaxing chair in there in case I ever have visitors:)

  4. Der Hähnchen-Gemüse-Teller ist die Wucht!


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