Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

Fortschritt [progress]

Am letzten Wochenende habe ich die meiste Zeit an meinem 50er Jahre Sessel-Polsterprojekt gearbeitet während es den ganzen Tag schneite. Endlich habe ich den passenden Bezugsstoff gefunden- Schnürlsamt in petrol. Ich habe gefühlte tausende Klammern entfernt, grindigen alten Stoff, auch ekelige alte Füllwatte, habe Sesselbeine und Armlehnen geschliffen, lasiert. Bilder zeige ich, wenn der Sessel irgendwann fertig ist. Derzeit sieht man praktisch nur das bloße Holzgestellgestell mit ein wenig frischem Schaumstoff und Vlies. Dazwischen widmete ich mich zur Entpannung meinem English Paper Piecing Projekt. Ja, es sieht so aus, als würde es doch ein Quilt werden. :-)

Last weekend I worked mostly on my reupholstery project of the midcentury armchair while it was snowing all day long. Finally I found the upholstery fabric I was looking for- corduroy in teal. I removed zillions of staples, old fabric, yucky filling. I sanded and glazed. I´ll show pictures when the armchair is ready. Right now it´s more or less the wooden frame plus some new batting. In between I worked on my EPP project. Yes, it looks like it is going to be a quilt. :-)


  1. I am looking forward to seeing your reupholstering job. We have a really nice chair in our bedroom that my cat Casper clawed to shreds. When he died we had it recovered, and then we got another cat Maggie who clawed it up all over again. There must be catnip in this chair because they never clawed any other furniture!

    I am glad you decided to make your paper pieced stars into a quilt. They are beautiful!

    By the way, the banner I got was free banner art I found just by luck when I was Googling how to make my own banner. I tried several times unsuccessfully to make a banner in Picasa, so when this site came up I was absolutely amazed that it worked on the first try and is awfully cute. I went through all their pages of banners and copied the ones I like into a file on my computer so I will have literally 20 banners to pick from whenever I want without having to look for it online.

    It has gotten warmer here (around 55 today) so I don't want to trade for any cold weather! I think it's supposed to get wintery again next week, though.

  2. I love your EPP project, and can't wait to see the reupholstering project, too!! I love things like that, and the before and after pics are always the best!! :o) Have a great day!


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