Donnerstag, 15. März 2012


Burano ist eine kleine Nachbarinsel von Venedig, die bunteste Ortschaft, die man sich vorstellen kann. Sogar die Putzeimer sind dort knallrosa. Es ist, als würde man durch einen Farbenkasten spazieren gehen. Man möchte geringelte Stutzen anziehen und im Hopsaschritt durch die Gassen hüpfen. So ist das dort. Ich würde jetzt so gerne einen Häuserquilt nähen, in all den Farben von dort.

Burano is a little island, close to Venice. It´s the most colorful village one can imagine. Even the cleaning buckets are pink. It´s like walking through a box of paints. You want to put on striped stockings and bounce through the narrow streets. That´s what it is like. I would like to sew a quilt now with little houses with all the colors I saw there.


  1. What a pretty place! I would love to live somewhere so colorful. A woman painted her house purple in my parents' neighborhood and people had a real cow about it.

    It has progressed quickly from winter to summer here, highs in the 80's the entire week. I am loving it!

    My sewing room is pretty much complete. I still need to buy a new chair for my desk, a desktop lamp, and something to hold all my rulers, but other than that we just need to rehang a few things and the painting/moving furniture is over. I have room now for a friend to come over and sew, so I am really excited to have a sewing get together.

  2. I LOVE colorful houses, so I am just drooling over your photos, and I would love to watch your quilt of houses in all of these colors come together. I love colorful houses in real life, and in quilt blocks. So glad I stopped by to see your photo. I need to visit this island! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hm, habe gerade bei Miriam - Berlinquilter - deinen schönen Blog gefunden... hier komme ich jetzt öfter her ;)


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