Donnerstag, 31. Mai 2012

Mai [May]

-viel Arbeit
-Sonne und kühle Luft
-Besuch vom Schwesterchen
-fast jeden Tag laufen
-zwei Kinofilme ('Lachsfischen im Jemen' *hachz* und 'Dark Shadows' *Johnny Depp* )
-Abendessen und Kaffee draußen
-Summer Sampler Quilt (fast) fertig, Quilttop des Hochzeitsquilts fertig
-thailändisch essen mit dem Mann des Hauses
-Blumen und Kräuter gepflanzt, gejätet
-Flohmärkte mit M (und A)
-Salat und Kohlrabi aus Papas Hochbeet
-ein 'neues' altes Meerschweinchen dazubekommen
-Song Contest
-Nestbau bei den Meisen vorm Wohnzimmerfenster
Hallo Juni!

  May in retrospect:
-lots of work
-sun and cool air
-visits of little sister
-running almost daily
-bridging days/extended weekends
-two movies ('Salmonfishing in the Yemen' *swoon* und 'Dark Shadows' *Johnny Depp* )
-dinners and coffee outside
-Summer Sampler Quilt (almost) finished, Quilttop of the wedding quilt finished
-eating out (thai food) with the man of the house
-planted flowers and herbs, weeded
-flea markets with M (and A)
-fresh salad and kohlrabi (stem turnip) from the raised beds dad built last year
-added a friend´s old lonely cavie girl to our pack (now 6)
-baked elderblossom cakes
-Eurovision Song Contest
-the tomtits were building a new nest in front of our living room window
Hello June!


  1. Pretty flowers! I love the purple! I love summer, too. You are right, we are in totally different climates. It is hot here already. Bea has jumped off the diving board in 12 feet of water all by herself and can swim to the ladder. We basically go to the pool every single day from June-September.

    I am excited to see your summer sampler and wedding quilt. We just went (the entire family) to a wedding last weekend and had a really fantastic time. The ceremony was about 20 minutes, thankfully the kids could sit quietly through it, and then the reception was at a beach club, so there was plenty of recreation and fun stuff to do with the kids.

  2. Fast jeden Tag laufen? Du bist ja brav! Bei mir war der Mai leider unsportlich - zuerst hinderte mich eine Knieverletzung und jetzt eine Verkühlung...


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