Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

Herbstastern [autumn asters]

Das Ergebnis von 14 Stunden gemeinsamem (Schneiden, Bügeln und) Nähen am Wochenende mit meiner Mutter:
The result of 14 hours of (cutting, ironing and) sewing with my mum:

Alle Blocks für Mamas Herbstquilt in ihren liebsten Herbstfarben wurden fertig!! Jeder einzelne Block besteht aus 32 Stoffteilchen... *uff* Zur Probe haben wir die Blocks auf dunkelgrünem Stoff ausgelegt, da sie dunkelgrüne Stege nähen möchte.  All blocks for mum´s  fallquilt in her favourite autumcolors are finished!! Every single block consists of  32 fabric pieces...


  1. Wow, very pretty! 32 pieces is a lot of sewing, but definitely worth it. What is the name of this block or did you come up with it?

    1. The blocks just reminded me of autumn asters :)

      Sorry, I don´t remember the name of the pattern- it´s from the book 'Scrap-Basket Surprises' by Kim Brackett (this quilt is on the title) I think this book is still at my parent´s place, so I cannot look it up now... I liked sewing this block a lot -even though there are so many points to match so it requires pinning for accuracy and I usually don´t pin.

  2. I am really impressed! I couldn't imagine making all those blocks and having them end up the same size. They look great. I like how it looks traditional yet modern at the same time.

  3. Looks great!!! 14h! I never have the energy to sew so long... :)

  4. love the colors, colorful but still restful.


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