Montag, 1. Oktober 2012

Herbstfarben [colors of fall]

Wenn ich tiiiiieeef in die Schnipselkiste greife, kommt das heraus: 
Some of the results when I dig deeeep in my scrap box:

Dann fand ich bloße Quadrate doch zu fad und verarbeitete sie zu half square triangles. Vielleicht so?
Then I thought pure squares were too boring and made some HSTs. Maybe like this?

Oder so?
Or like this?

 Oder so:
Or like this:
 hours of fun ;-)

Edit: Ihr wollt doch sicher wissen, was daraus wurde? *tadaaa* noch ein Polster :-)
Edit: I´m sure you want to know what I made of it? *tadaaa* another pillow :-)

kleine Vorschau für die nächsten Tage:
little preview for the next days:

I´m linking to:
Lily's Quilts


  1. Your pillow covers are sooo adorable, and those colorful scraps look good enough to eat! lol So yummy. I love to play with scraps! Have a great Monday. :)

  2. Hi I have just joined the 'small blog meet' so have popped into see what you are busy with. Love the flying geese, and its great to use some of those scraps.

  3. I love flying geese - you did a great job with those HSTs! And now I want to know what that yellow preview is leading to... :)

  4. Dropping by today through Lily's Quilts...that pillow is darling -- I love the colors you used!

  5. Flying gees are always a winner. Great make, well done. The zig zag was great too though. Popped by from Lily's quilts

  6. What a gorgeous pillow! I love the movement it creates by flipping the HSTs like that!

  7. Checking in from the linky party at Lily's Quilts small blog meet. Fun to play in the scrap basket! And a great little pillow at the end of it!

  8. wow!!!! soooo schön (bei mir wäre es wohl auf quadrate geblieben, da nochmal durchzuschneiden und es so schön anzuordnen... wow!). die herbstfarben tun mir grad sehr gut. hier ist alles grau und nebelduchzogen, seit tagen. dein gelbes bild macht mich jetzt dann richtig neugierig :)
    alles liebe. maria

  9. Visiting from Sew Modern Monday. Love what you do. I liked seeing your creative thought process. Well done.

  10. Love the cushion, the scraps look terrific and colourful, like a rainbow, good work! : )


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