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My stop at the Travellin´Pic Stich Bloghop!

Welcome to my stop at the Travellin´Pic Stich Bloghop! Today we are in Austria, where the main language is german. I usually write my blogposts in german (because it is my mother tongue) and in english (because it´s fun even though I´m obviously not a native speaker)
The idea behind this bloghop is to take a picture of somewhere great and use the colors in this picture to make an  EPP project. I certainly love EPP and color so this was a winwin situation and I am happy to participate in this bloghop.
At first I thought to show you a picture of a more exotic and strange place but than I realized that Austria might be a quite strange place to most of you already. When you hear Austria and think e.g. of:  Mozart, Sigmund Freud, Schrödinger´s cat, the Viennese Opera Ball,  Sound of Music, Red Bull, Arnold Schwarzenegger -you are right! :) But when you think: cangaroos-you are wrong, sorry. (Although I would love to have cangaroos and australian wombats here. I´ve never seen wombats in real life and believe they must be incredibly cute -to someone like me who likes rodents, cavies and similar looking animals. Here we just have rabbits and deer who recently ate our rasberries. *)
 Just two more random thoughts you all need to know about my country-
#1 Schwarzenegger has a very funny accent when he talks german, too. They always take some other guy as a dubbing artist for his german voice. 
#2 Almost no one knows Sound of Music here. I´ve just seen it once myself. In Florida.
Now I´ll show you what you see when you go hiking in our extended neighbourhood on one of the mountains closeby. On a sunny day the lake has this beautiful shades of turquoise ( I used Palette Builder at Play Crafts for the colors)

These are also some of my favourite colors so it wasn´t hard to pull some fabrics in this colorsfrom my stash (grey, chartreuse, aqua, teal, sage) . Yay!
At first I made a little ornament / pin cushion / lavender sacket with 1" diamonds

still need to remove some threads :)

One evening I made up a new dresden /retro flower inspired EPP block using a compass and graph paper:

 That´s what I love about EPP- with this method you can make almost any geometric shape in fabric.

I placed it on a pieced circle. My first little wonky pieced circle ever. Ahem.
I really really like this funny retro feeling about this block!

The fabrics are ta-dot and playgame by Robert Kaufmann, Kona cotton white #136 and there are also vintage pieces, a former table runner, ikea bed linen and some traditional austrian fabrics.

I´m a huge fan of use-what-you-have and believe this is the basic idea behind quilting- to create and to make something beautiful from scratch. To me this makes quilting more fun and the projects more unique than using all designer fabrics. Yeah, I´m a rebell!  :)

(And I hope to take a better picture of this block in natural light this weekend...)

When you are on this mountaintop where you have the view from the  picture on top of this post- this would be the view when you turned your head. Another lake and more mountains :)
in our area there are woods and lakes but no quilt shops :)

Don´t forget to visit the other stops on this bloghop! Yesterday ist was Deborah´s turn and tomorrow it will be Susan´s. There are great sponsors, too and a linky party with prizes, check it out here:
*)I need to ask Laura about wombats when she´s back



  1. I'm so surprised those are the colors you chose;)

    The block you drafted and epped looks beautiful. Your attitude is refreshing. I love how you make such beautiful things from fabric you have.

    1. I know!! The colors are so very unusual for me because I always try to surprise you! :-D

      I think the use-was-you-have appeal that was the basic attempt for people to quilt in first place got lost a little since then. Today we are overwhelmed by all this lovely fabric we see everywhere and there new musthave lines pop up everywhere like mushrooms in a humid wood.
      While I immensly enjoy this happy crowd of modern young quilters and I like yummy new fabrics as much as the next quilting girl it makes me so sad when I read somewhere that people cannot afford this or that´s designer´s new line now and therefore can´t make the quilt they dream of until I don´t know when. This should _not_ keep people from being creative!

      I like to show that `modern` (or retro in this case :P) can be achieved without overspending. Girl on a mission... :) This requires a whole blogpost some time....

  2. Austria looks beautiful! Funny random fact about Arnold.

    Love the dresden/retro flower block you designed! I updated my blog post to reflect you are the next stop on the tour :)

    1. Thanks! Also for taking the time to update your blog post!

  3. Wow, I did think of all the items on your list when I thought of Austria, but I did not imagine that you have such beautiful lakes.

    1. "Wow, I did think of all the items on your list"...
      hee hee
      Did you also know that this crazy guy that jumped from the stratosphere last week was Austrian :-)

  4. Hi Margo, Love your post - so funny! and your block and pictures are gorgeous. My cousins live in Seefeld. :) Funny to hear about Schwarzanegger's accent! I don't know much about wombats! They are eastern australian and I'm in the West. :) Having fun - 3 weeks to go!

    1. Thank you for the effort you had to organize this! I´ve enjoyed this blog hop a lot so far!
      Still disappointed that you don´t have a wombat living in your backyard though. :)

  5. I visited Austria a few years ago, and totally fell in love with the scenery and the people! We went to Hallstatt and Vienna and Reutte. I know, a strange sampling, but I really loved it.
    Your palette turned out lovely, and thanks for trying out our palette builder!

    1. No, it´s not a strange sampling it sound more like a good mix of history, culture and mountains.

  6. Gorgeous views and lovely colors. Your project turned out really great! Your writing is refreshing, too, and you would never know that English is your second language!

  7. Hi it is nice to meet you and learn more about Austria. It was funny to hear about Schwarzenegger's accent in german. I'm in California and he was the governor and the media made fun of his accent in english, too.
    I love your EPP blocks and your color pallete. The dreden/flower that you designed is my favorite.
    I'm you new follower.

  8. Your flower EPP block is lovely! Clever you! Wombats are fabulous creatures- not so cute as slow, lumbering things which are hard to spot in the Australian bush! It's my turn tomorrow!

    1. I´ve watched two documentations about wombats and found them incredibly cute. Just _because_ they are slow lumbering things with backs full of soil maybe. These animals would be the main reason to visit certain parts of Australia one day. I´m weird like that :)

      Looking foreward to see what you came up with tomorrow!

  9. Versuche ich diesen post auf deutxch zu schreiben. Habe ich ein jahr in Deutschland gewohnt als ich 18 war aber habe ich nicht viel Deutsch gesprochen zeit dan, so ist mein Deutsch nicht mehr so gut.
    Oestereich (keine umlaut) ist sehr schoen. Ich habe familien in Wels, in der nahe von Thalheim, und Innsbruck auch. Ich moechte sehr viel wieder dabei zu kommen.
    Seine EPP stucken sind ganz toll und seine fotos sehr schoen.
    Ich weiss, mein Deutsch ist schrecklich, aber hoeffentlich nicht zu viel.

  10. I agree. I've definitely gotten caught up in getting certain fabric lines. One of the things that appealed to me about quilt making when I first started out was the basic tenet of making beautiful things from scraps. That's still my favorite thing to see when I look at your blog!

  11. Your blocks are so cute, especially the Dresden.
    Where are you in Austria? We live about 1 km from the Austrian border, in the Czech Republic, north do Vienna.

  12. Hi! Nice to 'visit' Austria! Your photos are beautiful and I have picked similar colours even I'm writing from Greece. Your blocks are so beautiful and what a great idea to use that little block! x Teje

  13. Your blocks are beautiful! I love the flower shaped one. Your English is just perfect, I would never have known you weren't a native speaker if you hadn't said. I'm not sure where in Austria you live but I've visited Vienna and Graz, both are beautiful cities.

  14. What a great block - I love the curved edges and would never have thought of using EPP for that purpose. Must keep that in mind!

  15. jUST GORGEOUS, ALL OF IT. If I lived there, I would be tempted to jump off into that gorgeous water..


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