Freitag, 2. November 2012

Tanzende Blätter [Dancing Leaves Quilt]

Auf den Bergen ringsum liegt zwar schon Schnee, ich möchte aber noch bunte Blätter sehen und arbeite an der zweiten -noch bunteren- Version meines 'Falling Leaves Quilts' (nach meinem eigenen Design - ich arbeite gerade an dem Muster). Die Blöcke wurden heute fertig. Jetzt müssen sie  bloß noch zusammengenäht und gequiltet werden. Mein erster 'Herbstblätterquilt' hatte eher ruhige Herbstfarben und Leinen als Hintergrund. Diesmal habe ich einfärbige Stoffe in kräftigen Farben und einen leinenfärbigen gemusterten Stoff als Hintergrund genommen, einfach um zu sehen, wie das Muster in kräftigeren Farben aussieht. Ich mag beide Versionen! Und ihr?

It snowed already last Tuesday so all the mountains around are snowcovered but if you look closely there are still colorful leaves on the trees around. I´m also not done with admiring autumn colors yet so I´m working on a second -more colorful- version of my Falling Leaves Quilt (my own pattern design) that got a lot of use this season.  I am planning on writing up a pattern for this when I find the time so this is kind of my test quilt. The blocks for the second version were finished today! My first 'Falling Leaves Quilt' had more subtle autumn colors and all linen in the negative space. Linen is lovely but honestly a pain to sew with... This time I used bright solid fabrics for the leaves and a linen colored fabric in cotton for the negative space. I cannot decide which version I like best. How about you?
Realität hierzulande: Schnee von Oktober bis April... :)
keeping it real: snow from October until April in this country.... :)

Some songs (by Led Zep, The White Stripes, Pulp, Wir sind Helden, Travis, The Arctic Monkeys, Katie Melua, Bob Dylan, The Hives, Placebo, The Dandy Warhols, The Beatles, The Electric Soft Parade, Ryan Adams, Star Saylor, The Verve....) and a little dancing with the man of the house later, the quilt top was finished, just minutes before midnight. In between the man of the house played his guitar.  Just what be both needed today.

That´s why it´s great that his music room is my sewing room. Even though it happens that I fall over guitars - that he has to search under piles of fabric. Sometimes. Ahem.


P.S. If it was for the voice alone - Jarvis Cocker should be announced sexiest man alive.


  1. I,m loving looking through your blog at all the interesting quilts.

  2. Gosh I just love both versions. I can't choose between them. I really like the purple version, but the orange is so bright and fall-y.

  3. That is so fun you sorted your scraps! I have made neat piles of all the leftovers from my log cabin quilt and all the tiny pieces I cut into 2.5 inch squares and then made a pile of "ticker tape" scraps. I don't ever think I'll make a ticker tape quilt but Bea certainly could. What are you going to make with your rectangles?

    1. I´ll sew them together in three stripes according to color and before I´ll add little squares so as a secondary pattern there will be windmills. It´s hard to explain but it certainly looks good in my imagination :)

    2. I bet it will look great in real life too :)

  4. hehe Giggling about you two sharing the room and tripping over each other's things. This is a lovely quilt with gorgeous fall colors. :)

  5. That is so beautiful! I'd love the pattern!
    So funny that you share a room and how lovely that he plays guitar :)
    I remember going to see Pulp when I was in high school - fun times!
    Thanks for linking up to TGIFF x

    p.s. do you know your word verification is on? It's tricky!

    1. Thank you! (I switched the word verification off.)

  6. I love those curved stems - they're so cute!


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