Sonntag, 26. Februar 2012

Horch von fern ein leiser Harfenton...

Frühling, ja du bist´s! Dich hab ich vernommen!

(That´s a quote from a poem by Eduard Mörike. You can read two translations HERE)

Drinnen gilt: raus mit dem Winterweinrot- rein mit dem zarten Frühlingsgrün und dem Himmelblau.

Inside it is essential: out with the winterlike winered- in with the springlike chartreuse and babyblue.

Die Saatkrähen vergnügen sich zwar noch auf dem teilweise zugefrorenen See, aber es taut.
The rooks are still having fun on the partly frozen lake but it has begun to thaw already.

Montag, 20. Februar 2012

Das Sesselprojekt [the reupholstery project]


after :-)

a midcentury coffeepot, a fleamarket find from last year, my inspiration piece for the color

I thought about writing a tutorial while doing my reupholstery job. It didn´t feel right because this was my very first attempt to try upholstery on a bigger project. I secretly called it my trial and error project so how could I pretend to know exactly what I was doing? I was so anxious to see if it worked that I kept working and working and working and often forgot to take pictures on the way. And last but not least - every piece of upholstered furniture is different. I decided better not to give advice in a tutorial but to share what I´ve learned doing this project. (There is still the 2nd equal midcentury chair to reupholster. This time I feel I should know what I´m doing so there might me a tutorial one day.)

What I have learned doing this project:
1. The best way to understand how to reupholster a piece of furniture is to analyze the original upholstery job when you strip the old upholstered piece.

2. Take pictures: I took the chair apart piece by piece and took pictures of every step that I regarded useful. Some are blurry -but these pictures were only ment to remind me e.g. how the fabric was folded in a corner or how the staples were set at a certain spot so I could reproduce this later. I still didn´t take enough pictures so when I finalIy came to the part when I could do that actual reupholstery I sometimes had to improvise.

3. It takes longer than assumed. There were zillions of staples to pull, there was so much material to remove and it required two more visits to the local fabric shop to find the material that I needed. So it took me two weekends and some hours after work instead of one whole day. Yeah I´m a bit optimistic. The next one will be faster.

after glazing the front legs

4. A reupholstery job is always good for a surprise. You´ll never know what you will find underneath. I didn´t know what the old batting and foam would be like. It was disgusting! I had hoped that I could reuse the old foam after cleaning and would only need some batting that I already had at home but there wasn´t any foam in there- just tons of yucky dusty wool. I had to remove everything except for what you see on the above picture and wait for the next working day and the shop opening to buy some foam. Plus I found a burried treasure in this chair, little by little, while I stripped it:
- some old Austrian coins that were used before the euroization in 2001: 11 Schillinge and 60 Groschen (worth less than 1 Euro, so you´ll find me back at work on Monday)
- a hair pin,
- a pin, a broken rubber band, a metall hook

- a pen,
- a knitting needle
- and a button for a blouse. Apparently the midcentury chairs had belonged to a woman. There is still hope that the former owner hid her packet of paper money in the 2nd chair that is awaiting upholstery. Keep your fingers crossed!

I´m rich!

5. Choose a not so complicated piece for your first attempt. I did good to choose a chair with wooden armrests for my first project so I had to sand and glaze but didn´t have to upholster the armrests. A winged back chair with upholstered armrests is definitely something for advanced learners but now I think that it is totally doable as a second upholstery project if you use the old fabric as a template to sew the new cushions. I want to reupholster my old navy blue wing chair in the living room one day (Add it to my to do list- haha. First I need to finish my second mid century chair. Both midcentury chairs will be in our bedroom. Then I need a matching king size quilt for our bed and I have only bought the fabric yet -'Ruby' by Bonnie and Camille. You get the picture. :-) )

6. Just try it! It´s fun and rewarding. It is really not so hard. If you try it on a thrift store find you can see if it works and if not- who cares?

cover buttons

the back in between

the finished back :-)

Sonntag, 19. Februar 2012

7 Sachen am Sonntag [7 things on sunday]

Wie an vielen Sonntagen: 7 Dinge, die ich mit meinen Handen gemacht habe. Like on many sundays: 7 things that I have made with my hands.

1 + 2 gestrige Flohmarktfunde gereinigt (50er Jahre Schale von Figgjo aus Norwegen und Eulenuntersetzer)

1+2 cleaned yesterday´s fleamarket finds (midcentury bowl by Figgjo from Norway and brass owl coaster)

3. den weiteren Flohmarktfund untersucht. Ich habe keine Ahnung, was das ist. Weiß das wer? Ledertäschchen, Größe: ca 4,5x 2cm, Inhalt: Metallstäbchen. Ich möchte es für Nähnadeln verwenden.

3. tried to find out what this fleamarket find is. Ideas anyone? It´s made of leather, about 2x 1inches, inside there are metallsticks. I´ll use it for sewing needles.

4. den Frühling einziehen lassen, meine Sonntagsfreude.

4. let in the spring, my Sunday´s joy.

5. den ekligen alten Rückseitenstoff meines Sessels als Muster für die neue Sesselrückseite verwendet
5. used the yucky old backing fabric as template for the new backing

6. zum allerersten Mal eine gebogene Polsterernadel verwendet

6. used an upholstering needle for the very first time

7. ein Buffet vorbereitet und auf einem privaten Flohmarkt das Angebot sortiert

7. prepared the buffet and sorted the offers on a private fleamarket

Donnerstag, 16. Februar 2012

vorher... [before...]

Ihr habt danach gefragt. ;-) So sah der Sessel "vorher" aus, bevor ich ihn in seine Einzelteile zerlegte. Noch weiß ich nicht, ob der Sessel "nachher" so wird, wie ich es mir vorstelle.

You asked for it. ;-) That´s how my midcentury chair looked "before". Before I removed fabric and batting and almost everything except for the frame. Pretty ugly, hm? I still don´t know if the "after" will be like I hope since I´ve never tried this before.

Heute habe ich aber keine Zeit für das Sesselprojekt. Wir sehen uns jetzt die Opernballeröffnung an. Wir erinnerten uns, dass wir in unserer Studienzeit während der Opernballeröffnung oft die Möbel umgestellt oder irgendwelche Ikeakastln zusammengeschraubt haben. Heute abend hätte ich nicht die Energie, einfach an einem Donnerstagabend unter der Woche Schlaf- und Wohnzimmer zu tauschen oder alle Möbel umzustellen. Vielleicht kommt uns die Eröffnung deshalb auf einmal so langweilig vor? Seltsam.

Today I don´t have time for this project. We are watching the opening of the Viennese Opera Ball. We just remembered that we often moved the furniture around while watching this opening when we were still at university. It´s something about this time of winter and the longing for spring that makes me want to change things at home. These days we don´t have the energy to swap living room and sleeping room or change the formation of the furniture on a thursday night just for fun. :-) Maybe that´s why watching the Viennese Opera Ball was more fun back then?

Mittwoch, 15. Februar 2012

Fortschritt [progress]

Am letzten Wochenende habe ich die meiste Zeit an meinem 50er Jahre Sessel-Polsterprojekt gearbeitet während es den ganzen Tag schneite. Endlich habe ich den passenden Bezugsstoff gefunden- Schnürlsamt in petrol. Ich habe gefühlte tausende Klammern entfernt, grindigen alten Stoff, auch ekelige alte Füllwatte, habe Sesselbeine und Armlehnen geschliffen, lasiert. Bilder zeige ich, wenn der Sessel irgendwann fertig ist. Derzeit sieht man praktisch nur das bloße Holzgestellgestell mit ein wenig frischem Schaumstoff und Vlies. Dazwischen widmete ich mich zur Entpannung meinem English Paper Piecing Projekt. Ja, es sieht so aus, als würde es doch ein Quilt werden. :-)

Last weekend I worked mostly on my reupholstery project of the midcentury armchair while it was snowing all day long. Finally I found the upholstery fabric I was looking for- corduroy in teal. I removed zillions of staples, old fabric, yucky filling. I sanded and glazed. I´ll show pictures when the armchair is ready. Right now it´s more or less the wooden frame plus some new batting. In between I worked on my EPP project. Yes, it looks like it is going to be a quilt. :-)

Sonntag, 5. Februar 2012

7 Sachen am Sonntag [7 things on sunday]

7 Sachen, die ich am heutigen Sonntag mit meinen Händen gemacht habe. Idee von Frau Liebe.
7 things handmade on sunday.

1. neue Primeln gegossen 1. watered new primrose

2. Honig in meinen Rooibostee mit Milch gerührt. 2. stirred honey in my rooibos tea.

3. Schablonen fürs English Paper Piecing überzogen 3. worked on my EPP project
4. draußen mit dem Mann des Hauses Experimente mit Seifenblasen gemacht. Bei -13 °C frieren die in der Luft und zerplatzen in kleine sichtbare Seifenfitzelchen.Lustig! 4. experimented with soap bubbles in open air with the man of the house. At about +8.8°F the soap bubbles freeze and burst into little soap flakes. Fun!
5. Avocado Makis gerollt 5. rolled avocado makis

6. gefütterte Treter zum Spazierengehen herausgeräumt und angezogen 6. put on fleece lined boots for our walk outside.

7. die restlichen Blocks für den Greek Cross Quilt fertig angeordnet (jetzt nur noch zusammennähen)
7. arranged the remaining blocks for my Greek Cross quilt (now I only have to sew them together)

Samstag, 4. Februar 2012

Vence, France

...mehr Sonnenschein...

...more sunshine...

Donnerstag, 2. Februar 2012

Antibes, France

Ich brauche einfach ein bißchen Sonnenschein und blättere in Sommerfotos.
I just need a little sunshine right now and leaf through last summer´s pictures.