Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

drinnen - draußen [inside - outside]

DRINNEN: es gemütlich. Kaffetrinken und Stoffe sortieren. 
Den Stoff mit den Eisbären (Brrr /Laurie Wrisbrun) wollte ich schon seit Ewigkeiten, aber bei uns in der Nähe gab es den nirgendwo. Als ich die beiden letzten halben Meter letzten Freitag in Wien in einem Stoffgeschäft sah, mussten sie mit. Gab es schon einmal einen bestimmten Stoff, den ihr unbedingt haben wolltet?
INSIDE: is cosy. We are drinking coffee with my BIL and I´ve been sorting fabrics.
Brrr... I´ve been stalking this line of fabric forever without the possibility to buy it local. Polar bears have been my favourite animals ever since I can remember. As a kid I used to have a polar teddy bear that my Grandpa gave me when I was a toddler. I prefered her over all other toys. Today I even have a polar bear christmas ornament. So when we´ve been to Vienna this friday and visited a fabric shop where they had about half a metre of this fabrics left (and also the aqua and blue line) - there was no way to stop me. :)Is there a fabric that you had to have?


Ich werde den Stoff wohl noch eine Weile aufbewahren und auf die richtige Quiltinspiration warten, bevor ich den Stoff anschneide. Der Sternenstoff ist aus der lokalen Stoffhalle und ich weiß leider nicht, wer den Stoff mit den Sesseln designed hat, aber er war zu herzig, um ihn im Wiener Geschäft zurückzulassen.
I think I´ll keep them for a while waiting for the right quilty inspiration for a very special quilt before I dare to cut in it. The fabric with the white stars was from our local fabric shop and I have no idea who designed the fabic with the chairs and birds but it was too cute to be left behind in the Viennese shop.

draußen: Wir leben noch immer im Winterwunderland. Seit Tagen schneit es. Die Nachbarskinder bauen riesige Schneemänner und Schneeburgen.
OUTSIDE: We are living in a yellow submarine winterwonderland. It´s been snowing for days. The neighbour´s kids have been building huge snowmen and snowcastles.


  1. What a great find! If there's ever anything you have to have, I'm happy to send it to you!

    The cute pets on chairs is also designed by Laurie Wisbrun...I think the line is called Perfectly Perched. I've never seen it in red and blue, one purple and green.

    Hope it warms up for you soon. It's a beautiful day here.

  2. I was drawn to your blog when I saw your comment on Fresh Lemon Quilt's latest post. Your blog name is what caught my attention -so very clever!! I'm looking forward to perusing your archived posts to see what exactly where YOU find your balance :)!! ~karen


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