Samstag, 24. August 2013

One woman´s trash...

...might be another woman´s treasure, right?

As an avid flea market hunter I just know that this saying is true. So Lucy´s (@ Charm About You)  idea to share some fugly fabric is definitely charming. When we moved earlier this year I gave away/ donated/ gifted all the fabric I didn´t need or liked anymore but there are still some fabric things left that I want to share with you today:

Ich bin heute zu müde, den Beitrag auch auf Deutsch zu schreiben, aber natürlich dürfen auch LeserInnen aus dem deutschsprachigen Raum sehr gerne bei der Verlosung mitmachen, wenn sie eines der gezeigten Stücke haben wollen!



#1 a vintage quilted pillow case (about 40 x 40cm/ 16" square, cotton) with a zip on the back

It was a flea market find, bought mainly for pity because it is handquilted and the woman selling it (who said it was her mother in law´s but I don´t know if she made it) didn´t see the work that has gone into this piece.

Do you see the hand quilted details? Since the purchase is has been washed thoroughly with a lot of detergent and now it´s clean and not smelly or something. 

I think it´s quite charming just not my style and would maybe look better in an more classic environment. More David Austen Roses wouldn´t hurt either. ;-)

 #2 a vintage dish towel
When my greataunt downsized and moved into a nursing home I inherited many vintage dish towels (unused and still shrink-wrapped in their original packages!!!).

This one is 100% cotton. I adore the graphic details and vintage feeling but orange is so not my color.

#3 another vintage dish towel

 same unused condition, 100% cotton,cute vintage graphics, only "problem": orange...

So if you want one of the items above just leave me a comment and tell me why you want it. The fugly fabric link party will end on Saturday 31st August. If there´s more than one interested person for an item I´ll draw a winner on Sept. 1st. Good luck!

 International entries welcome!  If you are a no-reply commenter, please leave your email address in your comment or I will not consider you in the giveaway.

You can find the winners of the giveaway here


  1. I love the vintage dish towels because I love vintage kitchen items! When I moved into my apartment, all the shelves in the kitchen were lined with contact paper from the late 60's/early 70's so I just stuck with that theme and went with it!

  2. Ich schreib auf Deutsch, Englisch ist mir zu mühsam grad ;-)
    Also so ein Polsterbezug, das wär was. Ich hab mir nämlich überlegt, mal ordentlich Quilten zu lernen und als kleines Probestück mal einen Polster zu machen. Sollte ich den Polster gewinnen, könnt ich mir noch ein bisschen Zeit lassen und das Quilten beim Ansehen genießen :)

  3. Orange is SO my color! And I love putting up kitchen towels as curtains at my kitchen window. Thanks for the generous giveaway.

    onehotstove AT gmail DOT com

  4. Ui, die beiden Geschirrtücher würde ich beide supergerne gewinnen. Unsere Küche ist mit gelb, orange und grün dekoriert und bekommt in letzter Zeit immer mehr einen 70er Jahre Stil, hihi. Irgendwie ist das so passiert. Und als ein Kind der 70er liebe ich orange! Also vielen Dank für die Chance, eins dieser coolen Teile zu gewinnen! :-)

  5. I love those orange towels! Thanks for the chance! They would look great in my apartment :)

  6. yellow strawberries? I love it! #2 is a fantastic vintage towel, I would love to give it a happy home if you are willing to ship it over here :)

  7. The pillow case is just lovely - can't say my house is exactly classic, but it would be well loved!

    (my mum loves the austen roses, so clearly some of her taste has rubbed off on me :D)

  8. I love the vintage pillow case. So lovely and it reminds of my grandmother's house. She had something with similar pattern but it is bigger size.

  9. Orange is not my colour either, Except in the kitchen. I so love that bottom cloth with the apples on it. I'd love to cut it into two pieces and make matching place mats for me and my man. Imagine cold winter mornings, with breakfast time visually warmed up by those glowing colours and the thought of summer fruit. Mmmm, I do hope to win!

  10. Oh I love vintage tea towels and adore orange!! I would love to turn your great aunts beauties into some funky new cushion covers! Thank you for sharing such happy threads :)

  11. Wow! I love those vintage tea towels and orange is my colour!!! They would be perfect hanging in my kitchen!

  12. I don't usually enter the Fugly giveaways on principal but seriously those vintage tea towels are my kind of AWESOME!! Plus I love orange too. I would adore to have either of them in my kitchen!

  13. Im lovin the vintage tea towels! Id love to win them!

  14. Im lovin the vintage tea towels! Id love to win them!

  15. Oh sorry I missed this! I bought something in the same color scheme (an old nutritional pamphlet) at a yard sale recently. I agree, not my colors, but very cool!


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