Freitag, 4. Oktober 2013

Herbstfreude #2: Quitten! [joy of autumn #2: quinces!]

Ganz reif sind die Quitten zwar noch nicht, aber sie duften schon so gut! Deshalb habe ich die ersten Früchte schon vom Quittenbaum meiner Eltern gepflückt und zum Schnuppern mit heim genommen.
The quinces are not completely ripe yet but their smell is so sooo nice already! One of the best smells in the world. I just had to pick a few from my parent´s tree and take them home just to enjoy the aroma.

So pelzig sehen die Quitten frisch vom Baum aus.
That´s how they look fresh from the tree. Furry!

Und so sehen sie aus, nachdem sie mit einem weichen Tuch poliert wurden. Hübsch, oder?
That´s how they look after I polished them with a soft cloth. Pretty, hm?

Ich wünschte, ich könnte auch den Duft zeigen!
I wish I could show you the delicious smell as well!

Stattdessen gibt es was für die Ohren (Anhören, unbedingt!):
Instead there is something to listen to for you (awesome music from northern Finland!) my soundtrack these days lovelovelove this song

Satellite Stories CAMPFIRE
(if this link doesn´t work type the words above in youtube)  


  1. I've never seen quince except on your blog and references from Shakespeare. Is it citrusy?

    I loved the song but what did the very end of it mean?

    1. The quince is like a really hard mixture between pear and apple (but it´s not a real mixture, totally different plant). You cannot eat it raw. But you can use it like apples for cakes, jellys or for fruit leather -because it has a lot of pectine and gelatinizes easily.
      Do you mean the end of the song or the video? In the video it´s probably some artsy filmstudent dark-finnish-humor-everyone´s-drowning-in-the-end thing. Don´t know ;) But don´t you love their accent? I´m far from accent-free in english myself but their "sh" sound reminded me of my fellow finnish students. So cute ♥


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