Sonntag, 29. Dezember 2013

2013 im Rückblick [2013 in retrospect]


...passierte gefühlt nähtechnisch und kreativ nur sehr wenig. Schön, wenn man dann im Blog nachsehen kann und feststellt, ein bißchen was ging ja doch!

...was a challenging year which is not necessarily bad. It held private and professional challenges for us that leave me with a feeling of enormous gratitude today, as well as one billion moving boxes and more upcoming stuff that will require major alterations next year. The man of the house and I managed to survive the move, the planning of the new kitchen, hung curtain rods, shelves, lamps, pictures and built countless Ikea cupboards. So 2013 brought less quilting than I had hoped for but now that I searched for images of the past year it was a pleasant surprise for me to realize that I did accomplish some things. Yay for blogs! It turns out that although I did not manage to finish one. single. quilt. (just quilttops but all were my own designs) I made more things for our home that were needed. Sort of. We needed cushions for the kitchen bench, so I made them. I restored a magazine holder for the living room, lined a basket to store those quilts we use to snuggle up on the sofa, made a pinboard for the sewing room, upholstered an old foot stool, sewed several curtains and tablecloths.

Besides all that 'treasures' were found at the flea markets here and abroad in nice company, I sort of rediscovered crayons and pencils for drawing and made some funny crafts.


2013 was also the year of the pillows, many of them with EPP.  Quilts seemed so overwhelming sometimes but pillows were nice little projects with almost instant gratification. Good thing that pillows make great gifts too and that one can never have too many pillows, right? ;)

I resist to make any overambitious crafting plans for 2014 but I hope to sew and quilt a bit more. After all it´s what also keeps me in balance :)

 How about you? Do you have any plans, crafting or quilting wise, for 2014 already? 

 Have a great 2014!


  1. Deine Patchworkarbeiten sehen wunderschön aus. Sehr farblich sehr harmonisch kombiniert.

    Ich wünsche Dir einen guten Rutsch ins neue Jahr und weiterhin viele creative Ideen.



  2. These are some great projects. Love your flea market finds.

  3. Du hast ja schöne Kissen gemacht!
    LG Steffi

  4. Oh such pretty things to look at!


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