Donnerstag, 22. Mai 2014

Easter recap: fabric birds

Ach, da war ja noch was in der Zwischenzeit: Ostern! Für den Osterstrauß aus Weidenkätzchen hatte ich in der ganzen verrückten Hochzeitsvorbereitungsphase ein paar Vögelchen genäht, die ich einfach zu herzig finde und deshalb doch noch herzeige- obwohl Ostern lange vorbei ist und wir uns endlich dem Frühsommer nähern.

 Oh there was something else in the meantime: easter! I made a few fabric birds for our easter bouquet of pussy willow branches and there are too cute (IMHO) to be left out on the blog even though we are slowly heading towards early summer.

Osterhasen / easter bunnies

 Nachdem ich auch dieses Farbschema (türkis-petrol-grün) sehr mag, könnte ich mir ein Mobile mit diesen Vögelchen für ein Kinderzimmer gut vorstellen.

Since I also like this color scheme a lot (aqua-teal-green-chartreuse) I imagine a mobile with those birdies could be nice for a kid´s room. ;-)

In der Zwischenzeit sind auch die ersten Jungen "unserer" Kohlmeisen flügge geworden...
In while also "our" tomtits finished their first round of breeding...

 ...die auch heuer wieder in ihrem Schwedenhäuschen auf unsrer Veranda brüteten. their swedish cottage on our veranda.

Sie leisten uns draußen beim Kaffeetrinken Gesellschaft und helfen dabei die Gemüse- und Kräuterhochbeete sowie die Rosen blattlausfrei zu halten.

They keep us company when we are outside and help us to keep the raised beds and roses free of plant lice.

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  1. Those pussywillows are lovely. If I see one for sale today when I'm at the garden center I'm definitely getting one for our butterfly garden. They look so pretty on your mantle.

    I had to look up tomtit a while ago because I had an inkling from your description that they are probably akin to the chickadee here. I think they are similar birds. We have a nesting pair in our yard too. One morning I was watching the pair and they entered and left a birdhouse attached to a tree then flew immediately to one hanging in a nearby tree. They went in there for a few minutes and flew out and went straight to the box on our front porch railing and went in and out again!!! Turns out they can build several nests and when they are done they pick the best location. I was so surprised that all the activity we'd seen at each birdhouse was the same pair of tiny chickadees! There's a box in our backyard and I wonder, was it the same birds I saw going in and out of there too? Probably!


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