Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014

Hoch-Zeit ♥

  Why I was a bit absent from the blog lately...

We had other things on our minds ;-) 

Our wedding invitations that were designed by my über talented friends K & J (who own a graphic design agency) already gave our guests an idea of the color scheme for our wedding - white, navy blue, cherry red - and polka dots!

This color scheme was used for the wedding dress... (with red shoes and a bouquet of red roses)

... for the wedding suit (navy suit, red silk tie and -not pictured here: white shirt)...

... the guest book and the other decorations.

My mom´s supersweet friend A and her dear daughters A and T didn´t only bake 200 delicious cupcakes and two wedding cakes. They also spent the last months sewing hundreds (!) of  hearts, bigger ones  for garlands, teeny tiny ones for the small wedding favours that were filled with sugared almonds....

...and for the ivy wreaths. My mom had the best idea, she took those hangers that you always receive at the dry-cleaner and bend them to rhombs. Together with mom and the man now husband of the house we made about 20 of those, for the windows in the civily registry office and in the restaurant. 

 Mom made all the flower bouquets herself, even "sacrificed" her David Austen roses for this purpose! She and my sister also tyed endless bows for the cars of all the wedding guests...

...and for the 27 ivy wreaths that I made for the church benches on the day before the wedding.

I also sewed 50 metres of bunting in total, for the bridal reception and the restaurant.

As a precaution dad put up a tent in the garden for the bridal reception in case it would be raining. Even this tent was in the right colors ;-) We were so lucky with the weather- there had been heavy rain showers all week but not on this day. After the civily registry office right before everyone went to the church even the sun came out!

We had a wonderful day with sweet guests between 11 weeks old and 87 years, a cheerfull priest, proud parents, a beautiful maid of honor, very pretty bridemaids, a best man who played the piano so beautifully that everyone was emotional even before the ceremony started, delicious food and cupcakes and danced until 2.30 a.m. 

I cannot thank everyone enough who came there to celebrate with us and helped so sooo much to make this a very special day for us! 


"Hochzeit machen ist sooo schön!"


  1. Gratuliere :)
    Soooo ein schönes Farbschema :)

  2. What gorgeous decorations!!! Everything sound so perfect! I'm so happy it was such a perfect day. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! What a wonderful time! Great decoration-ideas!

  4. Oh, ich hab ja was verpasst! :-)
    Herzlichen Glückwunsch und Alles Liebe!


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